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The details.

The Biodify sprays an ultra-fine mist of probiotics into your indoor environment – purifying the air, surfaces and objects all around it.

Controls Odour

Our Enviro-biotics™ consume the resources that odour causing bacteria thrive on, even those caused by pets.

Boosts immunity

Helps create a simple, natural and optimally-balanced environment that our bodies were designed to live and thrive in.

Reduces mould

Our patented diffuser releases an ultra-fine mist of probiotics that transform into living microorganisms that outnumbers and helps eliminate mould spores.

Better Air UK


The Enviro-biotics™ are 100% organic and contain none of the harsh chemicals found in many standard household cleaning products.

Safe for humans & animals

Our research team has formulated the most beneficial and safe strains of probiotics. They are all-natural and perfectly safe for your entire family.

Discreet design

Measuring just 10”x5”, the Biodify’s sleek design fits seamlessly into any room or decor.